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Many of Lanarkshire Recovery Services’ patrons do not correctly understand tyre sizes. Every category of passenger and commercial vehicle uses different tyres, and these dissimilarities can be unsettling.

If you plan to buy car tyres Airdrie for a coupe, hatchback, SUV or a sedan, you will notice several differences, especially in size and the amount of rubber used.

On this page, you will learn how to read tyre size.


Decoding tyre sizes

Let us take two examples for better understanding.  “175/70 R14 81H” or “225/50 R17 87V “.

In each of these models:

  • The first 3 letters is the diameter of the rubber surface. Also known as the ‘section width’, it is measured in millimetres. Thus, hatchbacks can run on tyres which measure 175 mm while a sedane will require a model with a section width of 225.
  • The next 2 digits is a measure in percentage. It is usually called the ‘aspect ratio.’ A tyre sidewall’s height compared to its section width in percentage yields this measure. The former model has an aspect ratio of 70% while the more premium model boasts a 50% aspect ratio.

Whenever you buy car tyres Airdrie, know that premium tyres have low aspect ratios. They are also proportionately more expensive.

  • The letter ‘R’ stands for radial tyres. Almost all tyres sold worldwide are of radial construction.
  • The next 2 numbers denote the rim diameter in inches. Hence, the hatchback car’s model has a 14inch rim while the more premium car tyre has a 17inch rim. It is not advisable to mix and match tyres with different rim sizes and use them. They can cause serious accidents and damage the vehicle too.
  • The penultimate figures indicate the ‘load index’. Whenever you buy car tyres Airdrie from our facility, we will thoroughly inspect your owner’s manual and fit an appropriate model. The manual also has a table indicating internationally standardised load ratings.

Thus, in these examples, the smaller tyre has a load rating of 81 while the other model has an 87. This means that the first model is capable of bearing 462 kg. The second model has a much greater load bearing capacity: 545 kg.

  • The last letter indicates speed ratings. The hatchback model has a speed rating of ‘H’ or 130mph. The more premium model has a ‘V’ rating, making it capable of speeds of 149 mph.

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Head over to Lanarkshire Recovery Services and select a set of tyres which fit your vehicle like a glove. Our technicians will guide you too.

Else, you can also book them online. The best option when ordering online is to type in your vehicle’s reg number. Our tyre configurator will do the rest and find you just the right size.

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