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Run Flat Tyres

Almost all car owners have experienced flat tyres multiple times. When such an unfortunate incident occurs, you may remain stranded in the middle of nowhere without a garage in sight. While you can call roadside assistance for help, they may take a while to reach you.

To prevent such delays on the road, you can instead opt for run flat tyres Airdrie. At Lanarkshire Recovery Services, you can find such tyres at affordable prices. We accept mail orders and also offer mobile tyre fitting options when you purchase car tyres from us.

Run flat tyres Airdrie: What are they?

While standard tyres cannot bear the pressure and extreme friction with the tarmac after a puncture, run-flat car tyres Airdrie can. With these tyres, your car can keep going even after punctures, albeit at a slower pace.

Most run-flat tyres allow for safe driving at speeds of up to 50 mph. Still, it is best to check the exact specifications of your chosen tyre in its user manual.

Another crucial advantage of run-flat tyres is that they can eliminate the need to lug a spare tyre everywhere you drive. 

How far can you go on such a flat tyre?

Well, run-flat tyres allow you to travel around 60 miles, so you can reach home or a workshop without having to stop at the roadside.

 This means, if you are on the motorway, miles away from a reliable garage, these tyres will safely get you to your destination.

If you are planning to buy run flat tyres Airdrie, don’t think twice and buy directly from our website or head directly to our facility. We, at Lanarkshire Recovery Services, stock run-flat models from a range of reputed, international brands. Take your pick and do not let a puncture worry you any longer.

Therefore, rather than searching “tyres near me”, simply visit our garage for quality services and products. We are the preferred address for car tyres Airdrie.

Where are we located?

You can find our facility at Unit 2, 1 Petersburn Road, Airdrie ML6 8RD. Call us on 0800 321 3904 or 07368 590665 for an appointment in advance as it will help you skip the queue.

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