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Lanarkshire Recovery Services retails a variety of tyres. To an untrained eye, they may appear similar when stacked in our inventory. But if you delve a tad deeper, you will notice that each type is different from the other set of new car tyres Airdrie.

Indeed, there are several varieties of tyres. They are different in their performance, adaptability, stability and sturdiness. Also, each type serves a singular purpose, save for some models which we have detailed below.

The next time you buy car tyres Airdrie, ensure that you know the type you are purchasing. Our technicians will guide you at every step. Other facilities may not be so accommodating.


Car tyre types

Here are the primary types sold worldwide. Note that all major manufacturers - from Michelin from France to Continental from Germany to Yokohama from Japan - have various segments on offer internationally.

  • Summer Tyres
  • These are the most prevalent type. The rubber used is rather hard, and these tyres assure superior acceleration, stability and grip at high speeds. Most summer tyres are directly derived from the models we see in top-tier motorsports. Conversely, most F1 tyres are essentially summer tyres but with assured superior performance.

  • Winter Tyres
  • Most parts of Scotland receive several inches of snow every winter. The roads are filled with slush, icicles and mud. Winter models have a softer rubber composite in their carcass. They are heavier and accept ceramic or metal studs. These models are not capable of accelerating too fast.

  • All-Season Tyres
  • When you buy car tyres Airdrie, you can easily choose all-weather tyres. Made of intermediate rubber, they are as capable as summer tyres on dry roads, but will falter once the temperatures drop below 7° Celsius. These are budget-friendly as you do not have to purchase two sets of tyres.

  • Run-Flat Tyres
  • These models are capable of travelling a certain distance at low speeds even if they sustain a puncture. Run-flats usually have thicker sidewalls and an inner lining made mostly of metal, which provides auxiliary protection. These are often more expensive than standard tyres.

    Note that using run-flat models for Tyre replacement Airdrie may be a good idea if you often have to traverse unpaved roads.

  • High-Performance Tyres
  • You can buy car tyres Airdrie of this type too. They are meant for heavier vehicles with greater horsepower and bigger engines. These premium tyres are a class apart when it comes to acceleration, grip, looks, aesthetics and tread patterns. These are among the costliest options available.

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