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Maintaining and regularly servicing your vehicle is a habit that every experienced car owner should have. Professional and efficient servicing sessions have several advantages: they increase your safety, make driving easier and also cut down on fuel consumption, help avoiding costly repairs and failed MOT tests. Regular services can also increase a car’s resale value,

So, spending money on regular services will help you save money.

If you live or drive in and around Airdrie, North Lanarkshire, visit our facility - Lanarkshire Recovery Services- on any working day. We offer the most comprehensive car service Airdrie.

There are 3 types of service sessions: full, interim and seasonal. Let us break these categories down for simplicity:

  • An interim service is essential once every 6 months or around 9,500 km/6,000 miles.
  • 49 points are checked plus oil and filter are changed as well as essential fluids are topped-up.

    This service is particularly important for drivers covering a lot of mileage.

  • A full service is required once a year or as soon as your vehicle has traversed around 20,000 km/12,000 miles; whichever is earlier. It covers a lot more (76 testing points) and will take several hours.
  • Lastly, a seasonal service should be carried out before the weather changes (summer/winter) or before going on holidays. This service covers checks on Battery air condition, tyres, lights, wipers and some other parts.

In case your vehicle needs any repairs, we can carry these out for you at a very good price as well.

We believe in transparency so in such a case we will certainly speak to you first and give you an accurate estimate so you can decide what you would like to do.

Still searching for the best car repairing garage near me?

Well, your search ends here! Visit Lanarkshire Recovery Services at 1 Petersburn Road, Airdrie, Airdrie, ML6 8AL.

You can also book an appointment by calling at 07368590665. This number is available 24x7.

Trust our reliable car repair Airdrie and feel the difference!

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