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Are you looking for Batteries Service for your vehicle?


Although car batteries should ideally last four to five years, most become inefficient within three years of regular use. Your driving habits, frequent short trips and several other factors can squeeze the life out of your vehicles’ batteries sooner than expected.

Under such circumstances, you should opt for car battery replacement Airdrie from a reliable garage.

If you stay in or around this area, then Lanarkshire Recovery Services is your ideal companion when it comes to professional replacement of automobile batteries.


Symptoms of a failing car battery

Look out for the following indicators of a malfunctioning battery and be on the safer side.

  • 1. Slow Engine Crank - If you hear an unusual crank sound while attempting to start the vehicle, this may indicate an issue with the battery. Consequently, it takes longer than usual to start the car.
  • 2. Illuminating Check Engine Light and Indicator Lights - A draining battery is often reflected by the check engine light turning on. Similarly, an illuminating coolant light also indicates a possible fault in the battery.
  • 3. Rotten Egg Smell - Do you perceive a rotten egg smell around the battery? It is mainly due to a leak that can further corrode the posts. You might not be able to start the vehicle without removing the gunk.
  • 4. Bloated Battery - Overheating can cause your car battery to swell, thereby drastically reducing its life. In such situations, you might have to replace the car battery.

Irrespective of the issues with your car batteries, our experts can detect the fault and suggest the best course of action for your benefit.

Tips for maintaining car battery Airdrie

  • Keep a check on the battery’s acid level and look out for signs of acid stratification.
  • Make sure that the battery is clean and all the cables are secured.
  • Do not keep auto electrics on for prolonged period when your car is not running.

For unmatched car battery replacement Airdrie and accurate maintenance and servicing, turn to our professionals. Backed by years of experience, our technicians can tackle all battery-related issues promptly without any hassle.

Therefore, rest your search for “battery repairing services near me”, and let us help!

We at Lanarkshire Recovery Services are available to resolve your queries. Feel free to place us a call. You can also drop into our unit at 1 Petersburn Road, Airdrie ML6 8AL, United Kingdom.

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