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Are you looking for 4x4 Tyres for your vehicle?


As more SUVs made their way into what were once small parishes in the last 2 decades, we at Lanarkshire Recovery Services realised that 4x4 tyres would dominate a significant chunk of the market.

We acted decisively and added several SUV tyres - as they are also known - to our inventory. We are glad to announce that we have the best range of 4x4 tyres Airdrie now, thanks to our foreknowledge.

However, many of our patrons who are looking for car tyres Airdrie do not quite understand the difference between regular tyres and their 4x4 counterparts.

Let us decode these models below.

How are 4x4 tyres special?

The unique nature of 4x4 tyres Airdrie can be explained in the following 3 points.

  • Tread Differences
  • Whenever you look for SUV tyres in the internet, you will see they are advertised with catchy taglines like: “aggressive tread pattern”. It essentially means that the tread grooves are much deeper than their standard counterparts, and there are large gaps or voids between the grooves. Besides, these models also have more advanced sipes, making them indispensable on off-road terrain.

    This feature helps SUV tyres withstand more considerable damages & most punctures, although sharp debris on roads will almost always overpower the tyre.

  • Carcass Differences
  • A tyre’s rubber carcass absorbs more than 70% of all the pressures and shocks inflicted upon it. Whenever you buy 4x4 tyres Airdrie, remember that their carcasses can absorb more heat and are more responsive on roads. Most 4x4 models are capable of bearing extra weight, again thanks to their unique carcass design.

    Since all SUV tyres are used on heavy vehicles, this special carcass construction helps them maintain balance on tricky roads and wards off fishtailing.

  • Rubber Compound Differences:
  • This is probably the most essential difference. Most standard passenger car tyres are made of low-grade rubber compounds. But the scenario changes when you purchase 4x4 tyres Airdrie. Major manufacturers add ‘coupled silica’ to the rubber, increasing rigidity, traction, and braking response.

    It is also the reason why 4x4 tyres are considerably more expensive than their standard counterparts.

    There are other differences too. 4x4 tyres are capable of bearing more weight, while their speed ratings increase with new models launching every year.

Are you searching – “Budget tyres near me”?

Drive down to our facility on 1, Petersburn Road. You can handpick SUV tyre models if you desire. Else, order online an book a fitting appointment at the same time. Or ask for mobile tyre-fitting at your office or residence by calling our office at 0800 321 3904.

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